Previous Scholarship Winners

September 2014

Amber $1,000 Essay Contest Winner

Caitlin $500 Scholarship Winner


"Thank you so much for this great opportunity! I love that you offer a unique way of earning scholarships, and $500 will really go a long way in helping me further my education.  So thank you again admissionhook!"




September 2010

Laura $1,000 Essay Contest Winner

"AdmissionHook has been a wonderful tool in helping me create and improve my admissions essays.  Before I even started writing, access to hundreds of essays helped me figure out what to write and how to write it; after all, often the hardest part is getting started!  From there, honest feedback from both students and professionals allowed me to fix problems and refine my work.  Most importantly, the AdmissionHook community gave me confidence in my writing ability, which has proved invaluable these first few months of college.  Many thanks to AdmissionHook for this awesome opportunity; I am extremely honored. You guys rock! 

Nozima $500 Scholarship Winner

I'm thankful for the opportunity given by Even the smallest amount makes a difference not to mention $500. It is one of the rare opportunities where you can win just because you put in an effort. So thank you very much!

June 2010

Kevin $1,000 Essay Contest Winner

"It is an amazing honor to have received this award-- I am humbled that my essay was chosen from such a talented and diverse pool of writers. Thank you not only for the scholarship-- which will be immensely helpful in easing the financial burden of college-- but for creating such a wonderful community to help students like me improve their essays, and, by proxy, improve their chances for success in their collegiate years. I cannot describe how meaningful it was to read all the positive comments and watch the vote tally rise day by day. This support has meant the world to me and is truly what higher education is all about. Thank you, AdmissionHook, and the AdmissionHook community. I couldn't have done it without you."

Robyn Greer $500 Scholarship Winner

"This is going to sound so cliche, but Thank You So Much for the opportunity to win this scholarship! $500 is a large amount towards the tuition that I still have to pay. I was on your site during all hours of the night and day and read many moving essays. Your site is an amazing place and gives those, like my self, who may fall short of one or more requirements on most scholarships, the opportunity to steadily work toward making sure we go to our dream schools!"

December 2009

Randy Gaul $1,000 Essay Contest Winner

AdmissionHook was really my first scholarship I have ever won! Winning this scholarship helped me to realize that winning scholarships is actually possible! Now that I have won this one, I have all the more motivation to apply for more scholarships. Without AdmissionHook, the lack of motivation I may have been left with could have really cost me in the future. Thanks so much!

Jenny Lanzara $500 Scholarship Winner

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. It is truly an honor to be chosen as one of the winners for this award. Thanks to you,, my dreams for attend college to pursue a career in nursing is now attainable. I am blessed to have received this award, so thank you so much

June 2009

Yeon Choo $1,000 Essay Contest Winner was a great help towards my future. It gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of being a pharmacist. With the money I have been awarded, it's a step towards being a mother that can provide for her in comfort and in confidence instead of more trials and tribulations and it's all thanks to

Karessa Duran $500 Scholarship Winner

December 2008

Bonnie Larkin $1,000 Essay Contest Winner


I am so grateful to for choosing my essay as the December 2008 winner! As we all know, the economy is not in the most pristine condition, so winning this scholarship has been a huge blessing! I never won a prize in my life, so the one thing that really mattered the most to me, I was granted. So I guess patients truly is a virtue! I am completely humbled and grateful for this opportunity to further my education. Thanks to I am on my way to becoming a successful Surgical Technician! 

Bonnie Larkin 
Cedar Park, TX

Kristi Heer $500 Scholarship Winner